False Ceiling

Space Interiors Hyderabad: Everyone loves a first impression and the same relates to our Home Interiors. When guests walk in, we all do our very better to wow them with our interior designs. Now, with a Space interiors it is possible to do simply that. Browse through our list of sophisticated, cheerful, adventurous and ceiling which are inspiration. After all, Space Interiors is the first step to an enviable very first impression. Modular Kitchen Hyderabad.

Modern False Ceiling

Space interiors Provides all kind of False Ceilings. Its made by various materials like Plaster of Paris, Gypsum board, Plywood, PVC sheets etc,. The option of material depends upon the employment and design for the ceiling that is false. Various materials have their very own advantages and disadvantages.

List of False ceiling Model which Space Interiors Provide.

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) False Ceiling:. PVC false roof is actually attractive, durable and water-resistant. Because it is manufactured from Polyvinyl chloride material, it come under low maintenance. In this kind of false ceiling PVC panels are fixed within the framework of Aluminium T-sections. PVC panels are obtainable in lots of attractive colors and styles.Top mordern False ceiling in hyderabad

POP Fales Ceiling:. Plaster of Paris are smooth and matches for all types of lighting arrangements. It may be molded into any modern model & shapes. You will find chosen for ornamental design and light works. Its only drawback is that it is not much durable and its own color fades away with time.Modular Kitchen And Wardrobes Hyderabad

Modular Kitchen Hyderabad

Gypsum False Ceiling:. False Ceiling is definitely light weight, fire resistant and thermally insulated material. Gypsum panels are available in size of 600mm x 600mm with thickness ranging from 9mm to 15mm. Its fixed within the framework of GI channels.Modular Kitchen Hyderabad


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